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Are you ready to transform your thoughts to positive ones?

Download this full length Hypnotherapy session with powerful subliminal messages to transform your thoughts, so you can transform your life!

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I make it easy for women to make positive, beautiful changes. With my help you will overcome what is holding you back.

Your bespoke therapy plan

I use a blend of therapies creating a bespoke treatment plan for you. I ensure you get exactly what you need from me, to take you where you want to be. We are all completely individual and I take this into consideration when your treatment plan is created. The way we act and react to people and circumstances in adult life is completely generated from childhood. The patterns and limited beliefs we picked up as children have a huge impact. This can cause distorted thought processes as adults.

Online programmes to help you

Working with me via one of my bespoke online therapy packages is a fantastic way to receive the expertise that you need to transform your life. You will be free to complete the sessions at your own pace knowing you have all the online support you need from me as you go through the programme, with the added luxury of a cuppa from the comfort of your own sofa this option offers a multitude of benefits, no need to take any time off of work either. With easy, clear step by step instructions, short bite size video’s & supportive printable work sheets you will be guided through the sessions taking you to exactly where you want to be. No need to be techie either, it’s as simple as clicking a link and the video start arrow.


I used to be overwhelmed by irrational thoughts & fears before I went to see Sally. I couldn’t walk into a room full of people without getting in a tizz & my stomach would be doing somersaults and my heart racing so much because I was so scared, I always imagined the worse scenario happening when I thought about having to go to a meeting or a social gathering of any sort. This would happen without fail every single time. Sally helped me to understand it was my ‘imagination’ that was making up stories about the event I was dreading, she helped me to rationalise my fearful thoughts and I don’t get anywhere near as anxious as Idid before. I also enjoyed hypnotherapy for the first time ever, it is so relaxing and I felt at ease at all times.

After these sessions I feel much more in control & able to rationalise my thoughts, she has given me tools for life. I have started to have more of a social life. Work & meetings are easy to attend these days. I still listen to my hypnotherapy sessions because I have them downloaded on my phone and they help me relax. I sleep better now too! From the bottom of my heart I am so happy & grateful to have been recommended to this lady, she has made my day to day living a ton easier. 

Ruth Smitherman

The best way to predict the future is to create it……

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