The feeling of overwhelm can be unbearable. When the worlds on your shoulders & you’re the one trying to hold it all together it can all get too much.


You’re trying your hardest to keep everything together & under control but you’re just going round & round in circles, you’re fed up of juggling your busy life to keep everyone else happy & you’re not finding any spare time to look after yourself & do the things that you would love to be doing.

It seems everyone wants a piece of you until there’s nothing left to give, you’re completely worn out, your heads in a spin, you’re fed up of fighting a losing battle and it’s all got too much. You’re a warrior, you keep going but you just need some let up!


No one considers you anymore or understands how you’re feeling. You’ve lost who you are & have forgotten what it’s like to be YOU again as you have been everything to everybody else for so long now.

You’re internal chatterbox is constant and you just can’t seem to switch off. You’ve forgotten what its like to be anything but exhausted these days, emotionally & physically.

You’re turning to external things to be your crutch, such as food, alcohol, or OCD rituals/behaviors to cope with the out of control feelings that you are experiencing right now, but this is just brings a false sense of being in control.

You want someone to come along and stroke your forehead & reassure you that everything is going to be alright.


  • Do you find it hard to say no to people & you wish they’d just stop taking advantage of your good nature? Imagine being able to do this without any confrontation what so ever!


  • Do you feel powerless & frustrated in some situations with certain people but feel there’s no way out of this cycle. Can you imagine how it will be when you’ll have the tools to change this so everything becomes easy and you can feel in control?


  • Are you unsure of where your boundaries are & you struggle to know if someone’s crossing them or wonder if you’re just being over the top thinking like that and you should just be more lenient toward others? Imagine how great you’ll feel when you’re able to set new boundaries using your new tools, feeling sure of your self as you continue to gain more confidence with each day.


  • Would you like to STOP the guilty feelings you get when you think about really not wanting to do those things that someone else wants you to do? Imagine how free you’ll be when you put into action what you know. You can stop those pesky guilt trips you have once and for all!


  • Are there certain people that you find very intimidating & you find it hard to say no to? The actual thought of it makes you feel queasy, as you just know what the consequences would be if you didn’t do what they wanted, or you worry that they won’t like you anymore? You’ll wonder why it was ever such a big deal after completing the programme.

    If this sounds like you and you want it all to STOP so that you can step off the merry-go-round of the chaos surrounding you, you are going to LOVE my new 4 week online programme that I’ve put together especially for you, to help you out of this rut and to stop you from staying on the hamsters wheel and getting nowhere fast!   Just imagine for a moment how you’ll feel when you’re confident and calmly back in control, are able to say no without any guilt attached, able to priorities the people & things in your day to suit you so that you can easily claim your life back. How easy your life will be when all this weight is lifted from your shoulders as you reclaim your power & stop others laying on the guilt & trying to rule you & putting on you all the time.

If you feel like you’re being controlled, taken advantage of & being made to feel guilty by people or circumstances who are doing a good job of trying to rule your life & you think you have to accept this as how it has to be, that it’s just one of those things.

 I have some very good news for you!

It honestly doesn’t have to be this way. I will show you how to take your power & control back from these situations that have been ruling you and bringing you down for way too long. These situations can have a knock on effect in other areas of your life with sometimes devastating consequences if you don’t start getting a grip and taking charge of whats going on around you.

I will make it easy for you to do exactly that. 

You will be learning powerful tools for transformation and on top of all that….

This programme includes positive and mind changing Hypnotherapy sessions with empowering subliminal messages to bring about lasting personal change & transformation, supporting you on this life changing journey. 

In the space of 4 weeks you will have all of the tools you need to…

  • Be back in control of your life
  • You will be putting your own needs first
  • You will have learnt a strong set of boundaries & put them in place 
  • You will be able to say yes to what you do want & no to what doesn’t suit you
  • You will have claimed your power back from those who previously had you running round in rings
  • You will feel as if a great weight has been lifted from your shoulders
  • You will feel relief
  • You will have broken free from the unrealistic expectations of others
  • You will have learnt to drop the guilt & gained a good understanding of why you used to have those feelings
  • You will have gained freedom and understanding from limiting beliefs that had previously held you back and made you feel powerless to change situations and you will understand where they came from
  • You will have your life back!

So take a deep breath and let your shoulders drop while I explain how I can make it better for you.



Over the course of 4 weeks you will gain access to four easy to follow modules where I will hold your hand each step of the way towards your desired outcome, with bite sized videos and exercises.


Within this programme you will gain an understanding of why you operate the way you do & learn how to transform the way you go about things so that you get your life back on track and feel in control, sometimes this can be for the first time ever!

I’ll show you how life can become simple for you by taking teeny weeny steps in the right direction week by week & I’ll give you all the tools that you will need for life so that you have them to hand anytime you need them.


We’ll work through one module a week, with simple, gentle actionable steps for you to follow to get you from where you are now – feeling stuck and frustrated, to where you want to be – calmer, more in control & out of the rut you’ve been in for to long.


I will be there to hold your hand & help you in whatever way you need me in our own private Facebook group, so that you can be assured you wont be alone as you embark on this exciting and empowering journey, I’m here to support you & help you move through the modules at your own pace.

The awareness and freedom you will gain from doing this solution-focused programme will be life changing.


I very much look forward to helping you make a positive change to your life.

Stop overthinking everything and you will be......._mini

What’s in the programme?

  • Module 1

Brain overload & internal chaos


  • Your personal journey and this programme
  • What we’re going to cover on this programme and how it will help you
  • Who or what presses your buttons
  • Enough of the don’t wants it’s time for change
  • Chaos and your internal spaghetti junction
  • The vicious flower & overwhelm
  • Fight flight or freeze
  • Clearing exercise
  • Time to make room for what you do want
  • Hypnotherapy download with subliminal messages to support & calm your mind
  • Module one checklist
  • Module one transformation pack



  • Module 2

Don’t believe everything you think!


  • Over view
  • Programming and how we’ve learnt to react
  • Antique dress
  • Belief systems
  • Lets go detective & find some distorted thoughts
  • An understanding of your internal/external reactions
  • Internal chatterbox – don’t believe everything you think
  • Your unconscious mind believes everything you tell it
  • Your personal view on things – Actions and reactions
  • Module 2 checklist
  • Module 2 transformation pack


  • Module 3

Your transformation


  • Overview
  • Enquiry to enable transformation
  • This is where the Magic starts to happen
  • Tools to tackle your internal chatterbox
  • Deconstructing unhelpful thought patterns & processes
  • Reducing overwhelm, anxious feelings and emotions
  • Getting to work on your transformation
  • Hypnotherapy download to support the new you
  • Module 3 checklist
  • Module 3 Transformation sheets




  • Module 4

The new you, reclaiming your power!


  • Recap
  • Power struggles and your part in it
  • Talking your self out of things before you start
  • Putting your self first and learning its ok to say no
  • The new you, a new way to be and what to expect
  • The transition period – the stepped process
  • Win Win
  • Feel the fear and do it anyway!
  • Module 4 Checklist
  • Module 4 Transformation sheets

This programme is all you need to reclaim your life. You will be back in charge and back in control.

You can partake in the programme live BUT you will also have lifetime access so don’t worry if life leaves you a week or two behind. It’s there for you whenever you want.

The programme is very easily accessible, all you need to be able to do is click on a couple of links to gain access, then using either your laptop or your phone you can get going. Simples!

So, who is this programme for?

It’s designed for kind hearted women who tend to give to much of them selves to please others, who love helping other people but feel they can be taken advantage of and they end up putting themselves & the things they love last, missing out on what they really want. It is designed for women who are serious about wanting to improve their situation but feel overwhelmed because they feel stuck & don’t know how to go about changing things. It’s designed to take you through actionable steps to free you and your thinking and to show you how you can have the freedom and happiness that you desire.

It is for women who are ready to gently step out of their comfort zone to try a new approach to transform the situations where they feel stuck.

“If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got”


It’s not for you if you keep complaining that you want things to change but wont take the necessary steps to do anything about it.

If you find yourself wondering “when will this ever end, i’ve had enough” & having the same conversations with your friends time and time again about the same situation that is making you miserable, praying for some kind of a miracle because your a nice person & don’t deserve this, I can pretty much guarantee it’s that kind of thinking that is keeping you stuck & nothing much will be different for you until you’re ready to put YOURSELF first to gently step out of your comfort zone & learn to approach the things you wish to change in a new way.

Why choose me to help you?

I get great satisfaction seeing women make huge positive changes in their lives with my help.

I am an integrative therapist and an expert in behaviorism with over 20 years experience, helping my clients make huge positive shifts in their lives using various techniques, taking them to where they want to be.

I have helped lots of women just like you achieve the most amazing and life changing results.

The therapies I blend to get desired results are –

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy.
  • CBT- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
  • EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique.
  • NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming.
  • EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprogramming.

I make sure you get exactly what it is you need from me to get you from where you are now – feeling stuck and taking you to where you want to be – Calm and in control.

The way we act and react to people & circumstances in adult life is completely generated from childhood, the patterns and limited beliefs we picked up as children has a huge impact on us now, this can cause distorted thought processes as adults, fearing the worse, leading us to act in certain ways in certain situations.

As you follow the steps in this programme you will learn how to break free from overwhelm and overthinking and take you to a guilt free place where you can free yourself from overwhelming situations that are keeping you stuck and in a rut.



Overwhelm and overthinking can show up in many different forms and have different symptoms.

Read some testimonials below to see how I have helped in a few different scenario’s, either one to one or in a group environment.

I am extremely pleased with my results after seeing Sally. My Husband was very controlling, this went on for years, he used to make me feel like a child at times by way of speaking down to me. I finally had a melt down and confided in a friend,I had no idea what I was to do. My friend had seen Sally for a similar reason and recommended I go and have a few sessions with her. I can honestly say I have never felt as back in control as I do now all thanks to the therapy I received. I learnt a valuable set of new tools regarding how to approach my situation from a very different angle.

I had a very controlling parents as a child and as we went through the sessions it became apparent I had carried on ‘doing as I was told’ in a number of situations into my adulthood, When I thought about it I had always felt quite powerless and frustrated in certain situations with certain people, it seemed the conditioning I’d had as a child had stayed with me. I was shown it is possible to react in new and empowering ways, yes I had to challenge my self a little and step out of what felt comfortable at times, but oh boy it was worth it and my husband has a whole lot more respect for me these days and thats lucky for him as I was very close to leaving him!

Don’t hesitate to learn these new skills, I have to say, they really are a complete game changer.

Sarah Bodum

The value you have added to my life is priceless.

Thank you once again for helping me achieve things I could never of done without your help. I have my life back, but a new enriched version.

Katherine Baker

I used to be overwhelmed by irrational thoughts & fears before I went to see Sally. I couldn’t walk into a room full of people without getting in a tizz & my stomach would be doing somersaults and my heart racing so much because I was so scared, I always imagined the worse scenario happening when I thought about having to go to a meeting or a social gathering of any sort. This would happen without fail every single time. Sally helped me to understand it was my ‘imagination’ that was making up stories about the event I was dreading, she helped me to rationalise my fearful thoughts and I don’t get anywhere near as anxious as Idid before. I also enjoyed hypnotherapy for the first time ever, it is so relaxing and I felt at ease at all times.

After these sessions I feel much more in control & able to rationalise my thoughts, she has given me tools for life. I have started to have more of a social life. Work & meetings are easy to attend these days. I still listen to my hypnotherapy sessions because I have them downloaded on my phone and they help me relax. I sleep better now too! From the bottom of my heart I am so happy & grateful to have been recommended to this lady, she has made my day to day living a ton easier. 

Ruth Smitherman

Sally is a lovely lady who has helped me with a number of problems being able to advise me and give me strategies to help me with different situations within day to day life, Sally has helped me build up my confidence again, she is very easy to talk to and doesn’t judge and is very down to earth so your able to connect with her and talk about anything that is bothering you and Sally will do her very best to give you advise and strategies to help you overcome them. Xx 


Hi Sally, Hope you’re well, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how I’ve been since we last spoke. I have been feeling a lot more confident regarding my alopecia since the hypnosis session , and I’m therefore so much happier. I have ditched my uncomfortable wigs ( that i wore for everyone else benefit) and I am just wearing headscarves or head wraps now which are so much more comfortable. I am nowhere near as concerned as i was before about other peoples perception of me where as before it was a real struggle some days. It was as if it had immediate affect too, when I left yours that day I went straight to do the school run and I just strode boldly into the playground instead of hiding on the outskirts and my confidence has been growing ever since. Thank you for making me feel so welcome and at ease. I was apprehensive about  talking to you about some the other issues that I ( thought) I had long buried, but talking to you was easy.  My Hair is continuing to come back really well now too and I am sure that the fact that I’m not obsessing about it anymore has played a big part in this. I would really like to come and see you for more hypnosis soon as I still often have trouble sleeping and I’m sure you can help sort this out. ? I will be in touch Many thanks Caroline xx

Caroline Wilson

Thank you for such a lovely day, it’s great to understand what makes you as a person and to release all of those insecurities! Let me know about the next course!!! Xxx

Penny McNab

Hi Sally

Just wanted to say thank you very much for a really interesting day, yesterday which I thoroughly enjoyed.  It was lovely to meet you and the other ladies, and I would definitely like to attend another one of your workshops in the future.

Nicky Everden

What are you waiting for?

The early bird offer for this programme is only £98.99 just for a short time, then it will be going back up to £197

There are payment options available – just imagine the value it will be adding to your life) and you’ll get heaps of support from me throughout your transformational journey.

The programme goes live on Monday 31st of October

(But as i’ve said, you can take your time & work at your own pace & keep the content forever).

I look forward to seeing you over at our own private Facebook group!

Love, Sally X

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