If your life is difficult & overwhelming at the moment you’ll want to read this so that you can learn how to feel calmer in 10 minutes.

Sometimes you feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster, feeling overwhelmed & fatigued when it all just gets to much.

When lots of things pile up & get on top of you it can be so stressful & the feeling of overwhelm can feel mentally exhausting making you want to run away & hide from the world.

Everyday functioning can feel like such hard work.

When emotional turbulence takes over, its hard to see the forest from the trees.

Take 5 -10 minutes to sit down and do this.

Your going to learn to ground your self. This will be of great benefit to calm you’re overthinking mind.

Sit comfortably and make sure the soles of your feet are flat to the floor if possible and just close your eyes and count to 40 slowly.

Keeping your eyes closed for a moment, just become present in the room or garden where ever it is you’re sitting and notice your breath, don’t try to change it, just notice it.

With your eyes now open, take your time & start to slowly look around at your surroundings, really look at things. Move your head and neck as well as your eyes. Just slowly scanning your surroundings.

Realise how safe you are at this moment, in your surroundings, as you scan around, just sitting and observing and feeling safe where you are.

Find something in the room to focus on, this can be a plant, a vase, an ornament, a candle, a chair, a mirror or similar.Even your own hand or foot will do!

Focus on the edges, notice any patterns on it, the colours. Really take some time to look at all the detail as you appreciate it. Notice what a miracle it is that its here in your room, imagine the story of its life, where did it start life, as a tree or maybe a seed? Think of the process its gone through to enable it to be amongst your surroundings or belongings today.

Now focus on the space in-between that object & the next object nearest to it in the room or the garden… & just take a moment to appreciate all of this energy, this invisible life force.

Now notice your breathing again… is it different? do you feel calmer?

Now just twist your feet about on the carpet or grass to ground your self.

Get up slowly & have a glass of water.

I hope this has helped you to quieten your over thinking.

Love, Sally X

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