1 When life isn’t great happy people understand they have the power to change it.

They understand life can be tough and challenging sometimes but rather than have a ‘can’t do anything about it’ attitude, they take responsibility for how they got themselves in the situation & head towards a solution based approach, get appropriate help when necessary and get them selves back on track asap.

2 They believe it’s ok to trust most people.

They tend to believe there is good in most people, rather than thinking everyone is out to get them. Happy people tend to make friends easily & meet new people with an open heart.

3 They focus on whats good in the world and around them rather than finding what’s wrong in everything.

If you look for the negative you will find it for sure, the same goes for seeking out the positive too, look and you will find it. Happy people tend to keep things in perspective where as unhappy people dwell on the doom and gloom.

4 They don’t fill their future vision with fear & worry.

They fill their minds with what could go write more so than what could go wrong. Of course we all have moments of worry but a happy person is more likely to rationalise fears and work out how they can be prevented.

5 They walk away from negative influences, gossip and people that drag them down, they surround them selves with other upbeat people that ooze positive vibes.

It isn’t always easy to feel happy, but if you ask your self how you would feel if you was happy, try and drum up the feeling and act as if! Notice how this affects you in a good way, make your self smile right now and see how you get an instant mood lift.

Love, Sally X

You’ll find more about Sally here...http://bit.ly/2f1RPCx

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