If you want to know how to combat anxiety, HERE ARE 3 TIPS that will help you get back on track.

1. Identify what is bothering you is the first step in how to combat anxiety. What is the emotional state you wish to change?

Remember every situation is temporary. It may not feel that way when your experiencing the emotions but think back to a time when a relationship ended or similar, it hurt at the time, but you got through it.

If you go back to that memory now you probably feel more neutral when you think about what happened. This also goes for what ever is happening in your life right now.

“This too, shall pass”… & these emotions will calm down.

Of course if the situation is something you feel you can’t deal with alone, then seek professional help to walk you through & help you find the strength to move on from the situation & emotions you’re currently experiencing.

2.  Become the captain of your ship. This is an important step in how to combat anxiety.

You can learn to take some control back of how you’re feeling.

Imagine your self to be like a ship. A ship has an engine room & different staff doing various jobs to make sure the ship works correctly & runs smoothly.

Every ship needs a captain to give out orders and to be in control, try thinking of your Mind as being the captain of your own ship, the engine room being where situations and your emotions get sorted out, so when an emotion comes up, let it out in a constructive way, punch some pillows, scream into a pillow, or sob if you need to, but when the emotion has come out you will find its not so intense anymore.

Think about what orders you are going to send to the engine room to take some control back. Order some calm feelings be restored, take a moment to ground your self and breathe. You can take charge of your ship and workers to restore some balance.

How you would be acting if you felt a bit better than you do? Try acting as if you feel a bit better, then a bit better still, keep practising this, you will be pleasantly surprised at how well “acting as if” works for you.

3.  When you have followed step 2 and you feel calmer, sit for a moment & anchor the calm feeling by closing your eyes & pinching your thumb & finger together, as you do this, breath calmly & remember a happy memory or think of someone you love so much, you will notice your happier emotions getting stronger, when the feeling is peaking, let go. repeat this 3 times, you can use this anchor throughout the day, just touch your finger and thumb together to lift your mood.

Using these tools will help you gain a good understanding of how to combat anxiety, give them a go and let me know how you got on by commenting below or over on Facebook where you can find me here…..https://www.facebook.com/thetheraplistinmybag/

It really works 🙂

Love Sally X

Find out more about Sally here…. http://bit.ly/2f1RPCx

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