Past Life Regression Workshop- Who were you? 

Sunday 15th May 2022 – The cost of the workshop is £49

Do you think you may have had a past life?

Have you met somebody for the first time but felt like you’d known them for years? Do you occasionally know what another person is going to say before they say it, or feel that a place you are visiting for the first time feels familiar?

Would you like to know who you were?  Would you like to know why you have certain unexplained habits and ways of behaving or beliefs that are stopping you from becoming the person you want to be? Would you like to improve something in this life?

Past Life regression using hypnosis may help you resolve problems in this life as you discover events in your past life that may be locking you into unwanted behaviours in this life. Many people have freed themselves from negative behaviour patterns that are holding them back financially or in their career and relationships. Fears and phobias can be explained and anxiety levels reduced greatly by experiencing a relevant past life regression and even health and emotional problems have been improved.

Discover how you could benefit by taking your own past life regression. Many people who have experienced a past life regression using hypnosis tell how they have become more at peace with themselves, more confident and motivated and begin to achieve goals that previously that they had thought would be too difficult for them to achieve.

Past Life regression using hypnosis is an effective way to help you discover why you have become the person you are and how you can change to have a happier more fulfilled future.

Start your journey to a happier future by experiencing one of your past lives at this workshop. 

On the day 

Brain Aerobics – Time to warm up your brain and clear away cobwebs in preparation! (Don’t worry, nothing too taxing!)

Hypnotherapy session 1 – taking you on the journey back to re-visit one of your past lives

What did you discover? 

Time for lunch and a cuppa!

The future is bright – A second hypnotherapy session to help you create a positive future 

So are you ready to recall a past-life? Whether you can remember them or not, your unconscious mind stores the memories of any and all of your past lives.

For some people, past-life recall is slow and careful. For others, information flows. Some “see” the memories, others “feel” the information deep inside, and others “hear” an inner voice – the prompting of memory.

The best way to take your past life regression journey is just to allow a story to present itself from deep within the unconscious where all your past lives are stored.

As each story of a particular lifetime is revealed, you will identify with yourself. You may have a different body and be in a different time or location. You may recognise in the circumstances or idea of a story, parallels in your present life. As your past life story unfolds you may recognise the need to confront an unresolved issue.

In this way, the hurts of the past can start to  be healed.

This workshop enables you to take one of your own personal journeys. Your journey is important in understanding your emotional development. You can learn about your past and to use the knowledge in a positive, helpful way in your current life. You might recognise friends or relatives. Past-life regression can lead to many happy and interesting discoveries.

You can heal old wounds. All these experiences can help you to create a more harmonious and fulfilling life in the present.

BOOK TODAY by clicking the link below to guarantee your place as places are strictly limited to 10 people. 

The cost of the workshop is £49 – If you cancel for any reason once your place has been secured, you will incur a £35 administration and re-advertising fee. Please note I am unable to offer a refund or a free place at the next workshop due to you being ill or unable to attend for any reason on the day of this workshop, due to numbers having to be limited per workshop. Thank you for understanding.


Please bring a pen and note pad, lunch and a bottle of water.

Workshop venue

Pro-health Therapy Rooms

Address: 22 Church Street
ME14 1EN



About Sally

My outlook on life is very positive and I continue this in my work and get great satisfaction seeing people make huge positive changes in their lives with my help. I am an integrative therapist and an expert in behaviourism with over 20 years experience, helping my clients make significant shifts in their lives using various techniques, taking them to where they want to be.

I have studied personal development for over 20 years, initially working with Energy Balancing body treatments but then branching out into Tera Mai Reiki/Seichem to Master level. I now regularly teach workshops in levels 1-3 and various other self improvement workshops. As my interest grew, I continued my studies enhancing my knowledge in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and am fully AAMET qualified. I then went on to develop my skills and become an NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and then qualified as a Clinical Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing.)

I use a blend of therapies creating a bespoke treatment plan for you. I ensure you get exactly what you need from me, to take you where you want to be. We are all completely individual and I take this into consideration when your treatment plan is created. The way we act and react to people and circumstances in adult life is completely generated from childhood. The patterns and limited beliefs we picked up as children have a huge impact. This can cause distorted thought processes as adults.

Dip Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, GHR (Acc), Dip Clinical Hyp Adv therapist, GHR (acc), NLP Prac, IBPDA (Acc), EFT- Prac AMETT (acc)

Thank you so much Sally for a wonderful past lives workshop today. Wonderful meditations and  revelations. Such a lovely group of like minded people all on our own journeys. I will be eagerly awaiting your next workshop. An absolute pleasure xxx

Karen Morgan

Thank you for such a lovely day, it’s great to understand what makes you as a person and to release all of those insecurities! Let me know about the next course!!! Xxx

Penny McNab

Hi Sally, thank you so much for today, I really enjoyed the experience. I have been regressed a few times before but I still feel I got a lot out of this session today. You were great at talking through the meditation, I found it easy to relax and you made me feel comfortable and able to follow the process with ease. I hope you consider taking more of these workshops or similar workshops, you made me feel very relaxed and very easy to connect with you. Thank you again and i look forward to more workshops in the future. ?

Penny Nunes

Just want to say a very special thank you to someone so inspiring, you have changed my life in so many ways……and to think it all started when I attended your Law Of Attraction workshop…..a new chapter and it didn’t stop there. Today I was fortunate enough to take part in Past Life Regression with Sally, keep an open mind and be prepared to be guided by an inspirational lady, this has to be the ultimate gift to help understand your purpose in this life……and to understand why and how you feel in this life…….A life changing experience,  I would highly recommend . Great Day with Great People. Life is a journey …… From my heart Sally, Thank you xxxxx

Tracey Brown

Hi Sally

Just wanted to say thank you very much for a really interesting day, yesterday which I thoroughly enjoyed.  It was lovely to meet you and the other ladies, and I would definitely like to attend another one of your workshops in the future.

Nicky Everden

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