Need help to shift your mood swings? let’s step it up a gear this really works.

Do you want to know how you can help the mood swings you experience?

Here’s a few practical ways you can help shift your mood up a gear & improve how you feel physically too.

Your Hormones & Immune system play a massive part in how you function & have a huge impact on your physical & mental health.

Conditions like Fibromyalgia & Adrenal fatigue can make you feel very anxious & out of whack as well as affecting you physically.

These conditions are made worse by stressed out adrenals.

Here’s why….

The Adrenals are just on top of the kidney’s & they release cortisol the stress hormone. This Hormone serves a great purpose & alerts us to any pending danger this is known as Fight or flight.

We need this working well incase of.. e.g. We walk out in the road and a car comes whizzing around the corner, fight or flight warns us to jump back to keep us safe.

But when the adrenals are put under unnecessary stress it has a huge impact on how we feel mentally & physically.

Here’s a couple of things you can do to help you feel better.

Cut out coffee…. Yikes i hear you say! Well if you want to start feeling less stressey & depressed this one’s a biggie & will help a lot, at least try to cut it down to one or two cups a day maximum.

It’s the same for those ciggies too! every time you take a drag or take a sip of coffee you put your adrenals under a huge amount of stress and they release cortisol into the body causing havoc & this in turn plays havoc with how you feel. ( Notice the difference in how you feel around your monthly cycle when you implement these changes)

Another one you’ll boo me for! …Cut out or right down on sugar. It messes badly with your immune system and gives you brain fog. Instead, try upping your healthy gut bacteria by taking Kefir or Kombucha everyday for a boost. The gut is being referred to as the second brain these days and is recognised for the part it plays in how we feel. Gut health has a huge impact on our health in general.

You might like this next one though…

Stop doing strenuous exercise If your quite a lot overweight! Yes I said stop 😉

This kind of extreme exercise can cause great distress to the adrenals & cortisone will be released like there’s no tomorrow!

Don’t sweat the small stuff….. Getting yourself in a stew by arguing with a partner, shouting at the kids or overly worrying about things also releases cortizone and has a negative impact on us.

Also, when cortisol is released it makes it very hard to shed those pounds, so it’s like a double negative. you’re much better just walking or swimming, doing something gentle to start with. Your cortisone levels will decrease & that equals a win win affect. Once you’ve reduced your weight you can resume a more rigorous programme again.

Try adding a vitamin C supplement each morning if you have been particularly stressed recently, this helps replenish the adrenals.

Put these into practice for a few weeks and notice the difference and how your mood lifts & how you feel better physically too.

Even if you can do this 80% of the time it will benefit you.

Hope this helps you.

Love, Sally X

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