Is this you? It deeply hurts you’re not seen differently. You never feel your best is good enough. You desperately want to be seen differently.

You see others who have it and wish you were like them, but it’s never existed for you. You long to feel important and special. You wish you were viewed like others are. The battle is constantly there because you feel you just don’t match up. You believe you’re a disappointment and wish you were held in higher esteem. It’s unbearable and filled with heart wrenching frustration. If only things were different because time and time again you end up feeling this way, it feels like don’t count. You’re exhausted, deflated and feel defeated. It’s destroying you. You wish you matched up to others ideals so you didn’t have to feel this way anymore.

You’d love to feel you count, you’d love to be everything you fear you’re not. To have reassurance, recognition & the relief that brings. To be secure in the certainty your goodness is enough. To truly enjoy life with reassurance and validation.

You wish you could change it but you feel powerless.

Firstly, I’m sending you a huge hug, you are not alone. Lots of my clients feel this way. Secondly, I can help if I just described you.

I know how helpless & hurt you must feel With this constant battle that keeps showing up. The good news is this can change. It’s possible. It won’t always be how it is now. The great news is you already have everything you need because you care about you enough to want things to be different it and is going to get easier.

I understand it feels impossible right now that things can change for you.

Let me reassure you there’s light at the end of the tunnel and there is a way to help how you’re feeling now.

Lots of my clients feel desperate and don’t think it can change. I take them through the same process I’m going to take you through, holding their hands as they learn and discover how their past experiences are deeply impacting them and causing their current pain.

Sometimes they are at the point of desperation where they can’t keep taking the unbearable pain they’re feeling.

After our time together, they feel optimistic, much lighter and the smile returns with a new brighter outlook and renewed hope.

You weren’t born thinking that you don’t match up. Just like you weren’t born, thinking or believing that there was a Father Christmas, or a tooth fairy, or any other fictional character. You started believing it because you got shown proof/evidence. You received money under your pillow. You received presents under the Christmas tree, so there was solid evidence to show you how this was true.

In the same way your parents or caregivers gave you the belief in  ‘the characters’ of Father Christmas, and the Tooth Fairy who brought you lovely gifts, there were some real not so nice characters in your early life and as you grew up, these weren’t so kind and In the same way as Santa delivered you nice gifts that brought you joy. The hurtful characters in your real life delivered unwanted gifts in the way of criticism, hurt & cruelty. If cruel actions & behaviour is repeated enough, the consequence is you believe it to be true. So very early on. You started believing ‘I’m not good enough’. and why wouldn’t you believe that?

The evidence you were shown in way of the treatment you received reinforced your belief there’s something wrong with me.  ‘I don’t do anything right’ or I don’t look right.reinforced over and over again.

Just like the evidence was shown for Father Christmas exists in-way of gifts year after year. The evidence you received from those hurtful characters that you grew up was criticism & cruelty as to why you don’t match up, you’re not good enough being you as you are.

Now I’m presuming that at some point. You were convinced and shown evidence to the contrary that Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy didn’t really exist right?  You found out that it was all a lie?

There’s also another big fat lie, that has been deeply ingrained in to you, you believe it’s so deeply because its been reinforced throughout your life & it’s ruining your life.

Now if it’s possible to have shifted your belief that Father Christmas isn’t real. The tooth fairy doesn’t exist. It’s also very possible to shift from I don’t match up. It might feel like you’ll never be able to do it, but it’s honestly possible. A key difference here is you were were younger when you found out Father Christmas wasn’t real and that the Tooth Fairy didn’t exist, so understandably there’s a little more undoing and convincing needed for the ‘I don’t match up’ to stop rearing up.

If a young child told you that grass was blue, would you believe them? Noooo!! The only differences is you can see the evidence and grass is not blue. How would this be? If you genuinely still believed in Father Christmas, and the Tooth Fairy at your age now, how would people look at you and think about you? They would probably think you were mad, right?

BUT… You are currently believing what a young child is telling you. You are still very much believing ‘I don’t match up. I’m not good enough for you’.

I would like to show you that is also a belief you no longer have to hold.

You now have a new understanding, how does that feel? It’s interesting isn’t it.

There is a REAL possibility to believe something different. Currently you don’t have the tools know how or evidence to prove to you that it isn’t true, not yet anyway. This is where I come in to help you change your current situation. 

I will hold your hand and walk you through each bite sized interactive video module. I’m going to show you it can happen. My new programme ’Showing up’ is going to help you by giving you what you need.

Using the metaphor of travelling from one island to another, the first one being the one you’re on now, I will hold your hand as we start to venture together on the journey towards the destination of joy & freedom.

Each island we visit en route has a buried treasure chest which holds the most valuable insights, which once unlocked bring transformation.

As we approach the final island, the most precious treasure of all awaits. Right there in front of you is the free flowing abundance of all your hopes and dreams.

My promise to you.

As we venture together on our journey, it will be a gentle trip, as you discover validation, peace of mind and relief from pain.

My gift to you.

This programme is made with a huge amount of love.

Wrapped up within, is much time and effort along side a huge amount of care and attention to make sure it is the perfect fit for you so you get everything you need as you head towards fulfilment.

My heartfelt hope and wish for you

Is that by the end of our journey together, you are able to move on with ease to the next chapter of your beautiful life. Because it’s my very strong belief you deserve the best life has to offer. You count and you are worth every single drop of happiness there is to be had. I want you to know you are beautiful inside and out and can proudly start showing up in your life to shine brightly as the precious treasure you are.

With heaps of love, Sally X

For a limited time only, the early bird price is just £89. It goes up to full price of £199 next week.

About Sally.

My outlook on life is very positive and I continue this in my work and get great satisfaction seeing people make huge positive changes in their lives with my help. I am an integrative therapist and an expert in behaviourism with over 25 years experience, helping my clients make significant shifts in their lives using various tools and techniques, taking them to where they want to be.

I have studied personal development for over 25 years, initially working with Energy Balancing body treatments but then branching out into Tera Mai Reiki/Seichem to Master level. I now regularly teach workshops in levels 1-3 and various other self improvement workshops. As my interest grew, I continued my studies enhancing my knowledge in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and am fully AAMET qualified. I then went on to develop my skills and become an NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and then qualified as a Clinical Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprogramming.)

The way we act and react to people and circumstances in adult life is completely generated from childhood. The patterns and limited beliefs we picked up as children have a huge impact. This can cause distorted thought processes as adults.

Dip Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, GHR (Acc), Dip Clinical Hyp Adv therapist, GHR (acc), NLP Prac, IBPDA (Acc), EFT- Prac AMETT (acc)

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