Does even the mention of weight loss cause feelings of overwhelm?


Do you start off with amazing intentions, but after a few weeks feel like you’re missing out and trying to lose weight is such an uphill struggle and you battle with yourself to stay focused? It’s like there’s two you’s – the good you and the overpowering you that always wins and makes you give in!


Do you feel defeated with just the thought of starting to diet again? Making you feel all doom and gloom, because it all feels way too much to tackle like there’s a huge mountain to climb – You don’t know where to start. You’ve struggled with your weight in the past and the thought of starting all over again just feels like you’ll never get where you want to be. You’ve been here before, many times, your weight has been up and down more times than an umbrella over the years and you’re fed up of the hard slog.

How much time and money have you spent dieting do you think?


Time after time restricting what you eat, giving up the things you love, making yourself miserable and for what? To lose a few pounds, only to put it on again when you go back to eating normally.


It’s so frustrating, but what else are you supposed to do?


You want to lose weight. You’ve tried all the diets, given all the fads a go, but nothing has worked to give you permanent results.


I get it. I understand because lots of my clients feel the same way.


They look in the mirror and they hate what they see. They feel heavy, tired, sluggish, unhappy. They wish it was easier so they could shift those pounds, feel comfortable in their skin, have clothes that fit them and boost their confidence so they can feel good about themselves.


But no matter how much they beat themselves up or wish they could feel differently, nothing changes.


Why is that? Is it because they don’t want it enough? Is it because they’re not trying enough? Is it because they are meant to be overweight and unhappy? Absolutely not.


It’s because something is getting in their way and holding them back. I’ll show you how I can help with this.


What if you could miraculously wake up tomorrow and you new this area of your life can be easily transformed for you?

How would you be happier? Can you imagine how your lovelife will be transformed into a much happier one as you unleash your new and irresistible new look?

What would be different? Can you imagine gaining good health, boosting your immune system and no more fatigue, and as your energy levels soar, enabling you to do all those things you love but have been holding yourself back from doing?

Which of your problems will be solved? Can you imagine being proud and showing yourself off? No more hiding away in shame. As your shape transforms and you ooze confidence. Can you imagine the great impact this will have in every part of your life?


These are all things you can gain when you unleash YOUR inner FABULOUS… This is what this programme is all about. Allow me to support you as you unleash YOUR full potential!


Here’s how it works.



Your thoughts/old unhelpful programming control everything! – I bet you didn’t know 95% of your habits are in your subconscious, you are only in control of 5% of what you do! 

We run on autopilot most of the time. Think about driving a car, we often daydream and wonder how we just got to where we were going. When you first learn to drive it’s hard because you have to remember all the things to do like clutch, gears etc etc, then all of a sudden you don’t consciously have to remember, because once you have done it enough and it’s something you do all the time your subconscious takes over and you react automatically.

This is the same with anything you do often, it becomes a habit, some are good some not so! When it comes to weight loss you are used to defeatist thoughts and overwhelming feelings that you can’t control, this is why you give in to the other overpowering part of you after a few weeks. It is a bad habit you have formed from long ago and can be changed. That is what this programme can do for you. Your failure is simply faulty old programming that needs updating. Just like you update the software on your phone. You wouldn’t expect an old Nokia to do what your Smart phone does would you? Your brain is the same and needs the subconscious habit forming part upgrading so you can be in control and successfully reach your perfect weight goal.

Your old subconscious programming is what’s standing in the way of you successfully reaching your goal weight and feeling the way you want and having the life you deserve.


In order to reach your ideal weight, you need to change your programming.


It needs to support reaching your ideal weight goals and your healthy choices and that’s where the power of three comes in.

You will be getting all of this –

3 extremely powerful Hypnotherapy mp3 audio’s.

One of the audio’s includes the latest in  Neuro Linguistic Programming made to ensure lasting results.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help you stop emotional eating to make it easy for you to keep on track.

Bite size videos explaining how to use this programme for amazing results, I will be walking you through every step of your journey helping you stay on track so you can easily and effectively reach your ideal weight.



Together they are a force to be reckoned with and an extremely powerful reset for your thoughts and your habits.


Life is busy so I’ve created this online programme for you to transform your old ways from the comfort of your own home, break all those bad habits, make it easy to reach your ideal weight so you never have to diet again.


Sound good!


Welcome to unleash your inner FABULOUS! 

You get all of this for an introductory price of just £49.00 you can get it straight to your inbox and start listening straight away.



You will receive three transformational audios.


Audio 1 takes you on a journey to the control room of your mind. This is where you will breakthrough any deep seated unuseful behaviour patterns and gain new strengths and positive new patterns enabling you to take back your control so you can easily charge full steam ahead to get to your ideal weight where your happy new life awaits.


Audio 2 will work just like you’ve had the surgery of an actual gastric band fitted; it will make you feel like your stomach has shrunk in size so you need much less to fill you up, as well as helping you make healthier choices and turning those cravings right down.

These powerful hypnotherapy tracks work by bypassing your conscious mind and going straight to your subconscious where the transformation takes place.

Audio 3 is using the latest in NLP techniques (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to support you as you power forwards to your goal.


You can listen to these audios as many times as you want and know that you are heading rapidly towards your perfect weight from the comfort of your own home.


Just think, finally feeling fit, healthy, happy and confident with the way you look and being in control of your eating without having to give up all the food you love.


I want to help you wave goodbye to dieting forever, so that you can reach the weight you want to, feel happy and confident in yourself and stop wasting time worrying about what you’re eating. Life is too short and you should be off having fun!


You can click this link and get instant access to the audios as well as full instructions to help you know what to listen to and when.

For a limited time only, Black Friday offer, you can get it for just £19.00. Come and get it quick before the price doubles. Let’s get started!

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